I am a manager and have to deal not only with the owner's dog in the office, but another manager's mutt also. How does one tactfully deal with this sensitive issue

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Can you be more specific what the issue is to be dealt with? Are the dogs a problem to the efficient functioning of the office or just a personal peeve? Ultimately, it is the managements choice to allow pets in the office. There may not be much you can do to deal with it.

You might check the AKC's website at for information on their Canine Good Citizen program, which can be used to evaluate a dog's behavior. My experience is that some breeds just are not well suited to an office environment while others are just a joy to have around. But, you have to be a dog person first.


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If the owner wants his dog there, he's probably going to have his dog there. Unless you can objectively express an argument about how it negatively impacts business. Be prepared though, the owner has already thought this through and will have counter arguments.

In short, live with it.

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I guess it depends on what the real issue is. That could be anything from just not liking the dogs or to an issue like mine, where I am deathly allergic to cats and dogs.

I think once we know the specific issue, the forum might be able to give you more direction. As a start though, I suggest you listen to the body odour cast. It is a similar issue.


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Good Lord.

Ignore them other than to pet them politlely when nearby. Know their names.

And think about getting your resume together.


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Can't you bring a cat :wink: and let them work it out.


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Dog whistle.... :twisted:

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It could be worse. At one point early in my career, I wound up sitting in one of only two or three cubes in an otherwise unfilled bullpen area... and the company president felt free to bring his small children and let the kids run around and play soccer in the bullpen, including a whole lot of screaming, and frequent passes (or shots) into my cube as I was trying to work.

I love kids... but I got absolutely [i]nothing[/i] done on the (all too frequent) days when the kids came to work.

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apologies to those with delicate sensibilities.

Though the resume thing is probably better in the long run.

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[quote="dhkramer"]If you leave a bowl of anti-freeze out, the problem will quickly resolve itself.[/quote]

I trust this is a lame attempt at humor. It is way too cruel to be funny.

We implemented a blanket pet ban (many years ago) when somebody's snake ate somebody else's hamster. One thing to consider, though, is that having dogs or cats in the building lowers the attractiveness of the space to mice and rats.

There have been many days when I wish I could just tack up a horse and head off through the park for an hour, but Castle is a bit big for the office.


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tc - You made me laugh. I just pictured you bringing your pet horse to the office. Do you tie 'em up at the water cooler? :lol:

I pity the poor sod who gets office cleanup on that day!

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[quote="WillDuke"]Do you tie 'em up at the water cooler?[/quote]
We actually have a nice park behind our building, so I'd probably turn her loose out there with just a halter, if I could get some fencing to keep her from wandering away.

Hmm. I had been kidding about this. She's not really a pet, and it would free up a parking space....

[quote="WillDuke"]I pity the poor sod who gets office cleanup on that day![/quote]
My daughter has a t-shirt: "You're looking at a girl who won't clean her room, but will clean a stall."

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Move her to a stall? :lol:

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And the horse to her room?

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[quote="stinger"]I am a manager and have to deal not only with the owner's dog in the office, but another manager's mutt also. How does one tactfully deal with this sensitive issue[/quote]
If it's a real issue (e.g. allergies or the dogs' activities are preventing you from working) then you've probably go to either grin and bear it or start looking for another job.


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Pets do not belong, at any time, in any office.

For those who would say that it's okay in a small office, I believe that only delays and makes more difficult the conversation that is inevitable.

Would you not hire a great person because they were allergic to someone else's pet?

There is no one who is so valuable who has a pet at the office that they could not be replaced.

I love pets, but not at any office, in the same way that I love a good cigar, but not at the office. Deference to the team is something that all teams believe in, sometimes without saying it out loud.


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[quote="mahorstman"]There is no one who is so valuable who has a pet at the office that they could not be replaced.[/quote]

True, but when (as here) the pet belongs to the owner of the company getting them replaced is more difficult.

Here in the UK someone who is allergic to dogs might be able to make an argument under the Disability Discrimination Act but it would be iffy at best.


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Of course, you're right, and my apologies that I wasn't clear. I was responding to the part of the thread that addressed pets in general. I do understand that the owner's pets are a special issue.

I think your owner is stupid to allow it...I think it says something I'd rather not have said about me if I were an employee OR the owner.

My first advice still seems good to me.

Kudos for keeping your best attitude about it.