I have not yet heard the manager tools interviewing podcasts. However, I have viewed a video on interviewing by Mark at Kellogg SOM. Mark advocates closing an interview with "Interviewer, I want an offer. Here is why...."

Does this apply to on-campus interviewing as well? Typically, on-campus interviewing is a feeder system for various entry-level positions through-out the organisation. Such interviews tend to filter through hundreds of résumés collected on the campus. Hence, interview candidates (interviewers too, for that matter) have no idea of what specific positions/functions they are being interviewed for. So, any closing such as "I want an offer. Here is why..." may sound uneducated.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for your time.

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Hi Nagesh

I think it is a good idea to still close. You are differentiating yourself intellectually from thousands of other candidates in a positive way. Additionally, you are showing an energy and eagerness that will also cast you in a good light.


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You'll find that that particular presentation was made at a business school and was full of direct recommendations for someone in your position.

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Ha! This is classic.

I gave that speech to 400 business school students! Of course it applies.


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:lol: I didn't want to say it that plainly - silly me!