Hi All

As many of you know, I am in full mode job search. The "gurus" say that the likelihood of getting an interview from just applying to a job board on Workopolis or Monster are pretty low. One should try to get referred into the company.

What is your experience with networking into the company? If you have no connections, do you start at the top of the hill (ie, CEO's office and work down?)

Looking forward to your thoughts and strategies.


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I would try to leverage my personal network first - even if you don't know someone directly, chances are you know someone who does! I'm afraid I've no bright ideas for a situation where you flat know no one and have no chance of it. I would probably look toward the hiring manager and aim your efforts there.

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Hi Julia

Companies are sure asssterisk backwards in hiring. They claim they want you to show initiative and creativity but yet make you apply blindly via a website or the generic [email protected]

When you show initiative and email or voicemail execs in the company to ask some questions, they can't be bothered to return calls. Makes me think I need to send Mark and Mike into these companies to give their heads a shake.

Oh oh... I may be on a soapbox and it is only like week three of my full on search :lol:

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Start with your closest friends first, don't worry about role in the organization..go for volume, not quality. That way, you aren't always holding back from calling. When you think of someone, CALL THEM.