I don't know if this issue was explained in a podcast, I don't think so, but I want to double check.

I'm going to promote one of my DR to Coordinator. And I want to send an email to the whole organization with this announcement.
My question is: what's the best content I could put there?

I was thinking to explain his new role and his history succesfull in the company. But it might sound typical and it might be short email.

Promotions are important for people, therefore I want to ensure my email is also important and good.

Thanks for your help

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Most of the good ones I see include the promotion, and then personal history - with the company, with the role, what they're taking on, and family/personal interests/accomplishments. That way it not only announces the promotion but also lets folks 'get to know' the new addition.

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I have a war story (a war I lost) about a promotion -not a letter, but just the announcement.

BLUF: Keep the control on how the message is communicated.

My team needed extra people, as the project was getting larger. One of the senior developers in one of the other project, with enough experience (at hind-sight technical) looked as a good an opportunity to be promoted to a team lead in my project.

The plan is that he would complete his assignments in the other project, than move to mine after 2 weeks. In our discussion, I didn't communicate the following in our discussion: Don't tell anyone until we're ready.

He did.

In parallel to that the former project needed his abilities to continue, and in the next 3 months in which he stayed there, he would work on the former without any enthusiasm (I know it's not behavioral description) reaching mediocre results, and getting a bad rap, which my team was aware of. When he got on board here, the team looked at him differently and his leadership questioned. Not to mention that for me it meant that I made some bad choices.

So there. Control the communication and the message.

Gil Zilberfeld

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thanks for the message.
Is there any standard template I might use for this communication?

Of course I owuld customize it but the format probably will fit me.

Thank you,

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i found this one.

Do you like it?

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
Dear [Recipient Name]:
We are pleased to announce the promotion of Linda Moschell to the position of product manager in the Industrial Equipment Division. Linda joined our company three years ago as a technical representative. She has also held the positions of sales specialist and senior market analyst.
In this new position Linda will be in charge of technical data for laboratory equipment. She will be responsible for researching and developing new market opportunities, including various promotional programs with subcontractors and suppliers.
Please join us in congratulating Linda on her promotion and in wishing her continued success at our company.
[Your Name]

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But there has been a case where he was mentioning my workload to one of our clients now that we have less staff, and he just said nothing has changed in the way we manage their account. That sounded like a good opportunity to mention my promotion but he didn't. I'm not sure about mentioning this to him because I don't know if it's just me making a big deal of a very simple situation