I have 12 months of completed 1/1 sheets. Each direct report as their own binder…….

Now what? I feel like I could use these documented weekly conversations to expand my relationship with my directs.

Am I taking this to far? Any recommendations for this data?

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Not taking it too far glngry. You wil lbe reviewing past 1/1's when you do your yearly review. The yearly review would make a good point of reference, once captured, the 1/1 sheets can go in the waste-paper bin. It is worth making sure you capture the persaonal stuff 100%. I find others can forgive missing data on work related stuff - but do not forget their wife's name.


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Glengarry (do I have that right? ;-) )

Chris is right. One on one forms are GREAT for annual reviews. I would keep them...though there's no need to keep year's worth. Sometimes (depending upon one's memory) they can be used when you are reminded of a similar situation, and what you did that worked or didn't.


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Having just completed our 2007 performance review season, I found the one-on-one notes very helpful when gathering my thoughts and looking for themes. I often have things like "waiting for", praise, and other things that help me find a theme. I keep the whole year until the review is delivered then I toss them and start over. It's not THAT much paper to hang on to. I keep them in a 3 ring binder with one section for each person. I find I need to empty the binder about once a quarter to keep it from getting bloated.