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I am currently involved in salary negotiations with a re-hire who left from the department while under another manager. I was his co-worker at the time he left but I am now the hiring manager. The issue is that he wants the same $ as when he left but the position he left at was eliminated\scaled back. If he came back in at that $ he would be making significantly more that my highest paid direct and within a couple thousand dollars of my own $. Overall I feel that this person would be an asset to the team as he was before he left, but I am not comfortable with the $ being so close to me and deep down I feel that he was overpaid at the time anyway. On the other hand I feel that I'll loose the re-hire opportunity if I propose less than what he left at. What should I do?

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[quote]but I am not comfortable with the $ being so close to me [/quote] Drop this one. Do not be precious about salary differentials, it has no bearing on his performance or the job.

Regardless of his skills, the job has changed.
If he is coming back - and to the same post, then something didn't work on his last job.

He is perfectly entitled to assume his old job will pay the same. You are NOT hiring for that job. You can correct his assumptions and let him decide if he still wants the job. Yes, you lose the re-hire oppirtunity, but he is perhaps overqualified for the new scaled down version of his old job. You can get others. If you decide to re-hire, you should change the job back to its old state at the very least.


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Chris is right. Lose the re-hire. You're really not re-hiring anyway.

It's unfortunate...but unfortunate is better than wrong.

Offer what you belive is right. If he turns it down...ahh, well.