Just a week and a half ago I listened to the podcast about preparing to hire... was starting to look about me for potential candidates to just get acquainted with... now my boss tells me we're probably going to add to the fleet 1 or 2 aircraft types we haven't had before and I had better look into expanding my department by 2 people. :shock:

(background: 3 months ago I was Us, and suddenly became They when the department's previous manager quit with little warning.)

At least I've done one thing right... in one cast I recently heard, Mark said "You need to make a friend in HR." Well, I've already made a friend in HR, and he's the recruiting manager. 8) I've had several good chats with the director of HR, also.

Please point me to the top cast or 2 for "cramming" for my first ever interviews and hirings, and any other resources... thanks!

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there seems to be an epidemic of hiring requirements: Greg and the one who drinks coffee have started a great list here:


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Thank you!

p.s. Yes, I've downloaded the "Interview Preparation Guidelines" from the Tools page of M-T.


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I'm back with a new question, having just listened to Making an Offer Part 2.

I interviewed someone even though the position isn't officially open yet -- and we did make that clear to him. The opening is contingent upon a certain contract being signed. It probably will be, but obviously I can't pull the trigger until ink hits paper.

I felt the candidate might very well be a good fit, but I haven't interviewed any more candidates because we (HR and I) were told to slow down because it became apparent this contract was not going as quickly as hoped.

Should I call this candidate every 3 days to touch base, like the podcast said?

I suspect the answer is yes. If so, how much should I tell him?


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I would definitely keep in touch. As to how much to say...that I don't have a good answer for. My instinct would be honesty - and as much of it as possible without compromising the company.