OK, I'm going to start planning the next Pittsburgh meeting. Shouldn't take much effort, but I have at least one question for Mark/Mike regarding our representation as a "Manager Tools" group.

KCSmith and anyone else who is interested... Will you send me an email message and I'll put a distribution list together.

My question for Mark/Mike is what you would like to see regarding local "affiliations". To some extent I'd like to represent ourselves as a local "Manager Tools Chapter" (following the lead of organizations like Toastmaster's but less formal, perhaps). However, I'm sensitive to your needs in terms of branding and licensing.

Anyways, regardless of how we represent ourselves, we can get together and try to get other people involved.

Like I said, send me your contact information if you're interested. Time and Venue suggestions are encouraged!

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I've tried to e-mail yo a couple of times, but my messages keep getting bounced back to me. Help!

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I've been having email problems.

Try [email protected] instead