My O3s are turning into a one on one status meeting. The stuff my DR comes up with *is* important, and needs to be covered *somewhere*, but I don't think it's the best use of the O3 time.

This stuff is not pertinent to the entire staff, so the staff meeting is not a valid option either.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Have you tried having your directs use Passive Updating for status? There's a cast on it.

If it's important to the direct to brief me on status in the 10 mins of their 1-1, I let them. If there's some relevant bit that I need but didn't get from passive updating, then I ask them about it during my 10 mins.

On the whole, there is usually some status exchange in my O3's, but it tends not to be the focus of the meeting.

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I've been doing O3's for a couple months. In most cases, there is some ammount of 'update'. Usually that takes only a few minutes. I don't try to solve the problem of why such-and-such is late, I just ask the question "Do we need to keep working on this or not?". That is a good question for both of us to consider. If the item is important, note it for follow-up next week. Drop it if it is not important. If it is somewhere inbetween, note for followup and have the direct work up a proposal during the week.

You may want to tell your directs that you think this is not good use of their time. Be sure to frame it as a question. "I think we are spending a lot of time on some issues. Can you think of a more productive use of this time?" Remember, it is their time, so they may just want to give you an update. You still have 10-20 minutes to raise the bar and challenge them with other topics.

Good luck,