I've been using this for years at work, and thanks to MT, I now have a deeper understanding of exactly why/how it helps make my O3's more effective.

It's called the "heart/tree/star" model.

The "[b]heart[/b]" represents what the employee truly loves to work on.

The "[b]tree[/b]" represents how the employee wants to grow in their career.

The "[b]star[/b]" represents how they prefer to be rewarded.

If you can answer these 3 questions about your employee, you can help them find projects they're going to be passionate about his/her work, (and a passionate employee can be a productive employee!) you're going to understand their career goals and can help find them projects to reach those goals, and you're going to know the most & least effective ways to reward them.

It occurred to me while re-listening to the one-on-one podcast that there are elements of DISC in here as well as just having an effective relationship with your employee.

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Joe -- Thank you so much for sharing that! I have made a note and am going to use this with my folks. Thanks!

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I agree, and it is easy to ask your managers to code their own directs on this format !
Good tip ! Thanks.

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I'm curious, do you directly *ask* your DRs the answer to heart/tree/star, or do you infer it based on conversations, feedback, etc.?

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Not in the sense of, "here's the heart/tree/star model" (I can see that would drive a high D nuts), so I work those questions into my 1:1s over time. It can be hard getting honest answers some times if you come right out and say "how do you like to be rewarded?" for example, so I find that observing and asking the question in other ways is more helpful.

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This is GREAT as a proxy! :)

And I think the last post reinforces that one ought to learn these by developing relationships. It's not a quiz for the direct so much as it is a reminder of the kinds of inferences you should be able to make about your directs' lives.