Manager tools has already had a big impact on my life and how i behave at work. I'm not a manger yet, but I am learning lots to prepare me for when i get there.

I've got a few questions;

1. Would it be better to wait until I can apply the learning’s and have more experience? Also, I’m only 23.
2. I'd be paying for it myself - but let's face it anyone who doesn't invest in his or her own education needs to.
3. I live in the UK, so this will add to the expense - having never been to the US before this makes this an even bigger consideration.
4. I'm thinking of staying on for a couple of weeks and having a break - can anyone suggest where I could go onto after?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jamie. Not a complete response to your question, but here’s what Mark posted on the blog:

“It will absolutely be appropriate for aspiring managers. It’s funny to think about counting the number of folks who have told us, “wish I’d had this __ years ago!” We will be training you on the core of great management skills… and for an aspiring manager, what will be great is that you will actually get to practice and get feedback from others…something probably difficult without a team of your own.
We’d love to see you there. Might be good for some of our more senior managers, to see a future manager eagerly growing his or her skills.”

I know that money may be tight, but you certainly won’t get more value at any other conference.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Jamie,

If you can manage it I would suggest you should. I used to be an aspiring manager, and can back up the previous posters suggestion, I would have loved to know then what I know now...and will learn in April.

After listening to the podcasts and using a lot of the stuff learnt I know I will learn at this conference and I have been managing for 10 years - engineers, creatives, shop floor operators and now sales.

If you go, see you there.

Kindest Regards