Howdy, all.

Complete non-manager here with a strong interest in management skills. I work back office for a large financial institution [finishing up getting the last of my financial licenses] working towards being a financial planner. That's more a sales job than a management job, but the casts here still have an unbelievable amount of relevance [who doesn't need to know how to have a solid handshake, dine out with clients, or give feedback to a same-level colleague?]. I also imagine that some day, I'll end up in management anyway, as it's interested me since I read my first Dale Carnegie book at age 18. Four years has passed since then- I've graduated college and worked a couple different jobs during my student years- but the art of human relations still fascinates me to no end.

Thanks to Mark and Mike for a fantastic community on these forums; I've watched from the sidelines for months and finally decided to jump right in. I hope to get to know the community and some of you a lot better in '07!


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Glad you're with us, and are getting value from our work.