How would I "close" an interview if there are 4 people at the table and i'm not sure who the decision maker is?

I'd hate to guess wrong. Do I go ahead and ask who makes the final decision?

Any feedback appreciated.

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You close this interview to everyone. Here's how:

Start your eye contact with the person whom you most think is in charge. Usually that's the person who speaks first, and handles the admin around the interview, but maybe not.

Start your eye contact there, move your eye contact to each person of the 4 during the course of your close, and end with the person with whom you started.

Works great.


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We'll see if I gather enough courage to close.

Do you think that if only 1 of the 4 are professional recruiters it's still not perceived as cocky or pushy? (meaning perceived by the people who are not professional interviewers)

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There is no advice that we give that distinguishes between recruiters, managers, or HR people. Any who respond less than positively do so not becuase of their role, in my experience.

How will you close? What will you say?


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Something like:

Before we go the go I'd like to leave with one final point, I'd like an offer and here's why:

reason A
reason B
reason C

I thank you all for your time etc.

The opening line of the close feels a little awkward when i say it but that's the general gist.

Is that answering your question?

Any other advice you can offer?

The reason why I asked how to present to people who aren't HR or recruiters is because I blew the idea past a few people and they weren't sure. In my mind I think it will be positive.

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Just wanted to make sure you had it right. Lots don't.

Gotta be careful who you listen to. ;-) Of course, we could be wrong.

If it feels awkward, I encourage you to ask yourself why. Is it because you've never done it? Because others haven't? To both of those, I would say, how would you generally rate your in depth knowledge of interviewing. If you would say low (and that is frankly the only choice for 99.9% of folks), it's reasonable to assume your opinions about various effors should be held suspect.

And, take a look at what you're saying. All you're saying is you want an offer. If you don't think that, interviewing is unethical. If you do think that, why wouldn't you say it? I think the only logical response is that you don't think it would be effective. In which case, see previous paragraph.'

And, you can always choose not to. It's a time honored tradition!

Regardless, good luck. Be yourself and smile.


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All I can say is I feel I am a rank amateur when it comes to interviewing however, I feel vastly better than I did before watching your Kellog presentation and listening to your casts.

Thanks to both yourself and Mike.

Oh, and I'm much more conscious of my eyebrows and smiling of late...

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I just finished your 3 part video at Kellogg. Great!

Regarding the 7 words:
“____*, I want an offer, and here’s why:”

I am unclear about whether if the "why" reasons should be about
what skills I have to offer or about why I want to be a part of the organization?

In your Kellogg presentation you said the company knows all about who they are and what they do, and since the interview is about me,
then it seems my "Why" should be about what I have to offer.

For example, if I'm interviewing for a Product Planning postion,
I might list my skills applicable:
1. Unique skills and background atypical to most in this position.
2. Self-motivated performer with tenacious attitude to excel.
3. Experience with product execution in addition to research and strategy.

Thanks Mark,

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Not exactly. It's more about your sense of the fit with the company, as in, I've been looking for two things: a technical challenge, and this is the best one I've seen, and people that will stretch and grow me: everyone I've met has been sharp and is the kind of person I want to call colleague.


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Just wanted to follow up.

Got the offer! Accepted the position!

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Well done! Congratulations! I love it when a plan comes together.

Glad we were helpful.. and yet the credit is ALL yours.


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How did it feel to deliver that close? I just interviewed...and I was a little nervous about it, but I committed to close before I went. DAMN it felt good to say I WANT this! How about you?