Ladies, Gentlemen

Hi, Im Aimee-

I have recently become a Manager-Tools Groupie and I would like to give thanks to 'the leaders' (M&M).

Presently, Im a simple pled with high hopes of moving into Project Management. Im known as the office 'sponge' as I love to absorb just about everything!

Living in Sydney Australia and planning (hoping) to travel to the US on a working Visa in the near future. I say hoping because I hear the US is like Fort Knox to enter on a Working Visa.

M&M have become a part of my daily life, I call it 'Career Food' and I comsume about 1hr a day of this delicacy, catching up on every MT Podcast I can get my hands on.

I'll be participating on the forums starting today. Look forward to posting with you all.


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We love notes like yours! Glad you're with us, and glad we're helping.

I've forwarded your post about the US to a friend who knows that stuff, and will let you know what we find.

I'm still the office sponge. They laughed at me for years, and now they send me their resumes. :wink:


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Thanks Mark :D

Its what you know [u]and[/u] who you know!

Sydney, Australia