Any Podcats discussion forum on Management in the Public Sector. Unfortunatly the sector is not as decisive as the private sector, for example one to ones may not work and performance management is not as clear cut very diverse area of outcomes.

Anyway would be good if a discussion began about public sector management tools too

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One-on-ones, feedback, coaching (the Management Trinity)... we've applied ALL these techniques in the public sector with great success. I don't know your specific situation, but our experience suggests to us that there is little difference in the application of these principles in the private or public sectors.

And trust me, the private sector is often not as decisive or crisp as you might imagine ;-)


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I've been working in the Public Sector for my entire professional life. Recently, I've applied M-T techniques, to include one-on-ones, with great success. I have little to no experience with the Private Sector, though I share the notion that it is surely more efficient than government (it can't conceivably be less so).

Over the past few years, I've studied management ideas espoused by business leaders and those who make their living helping others in business to achieve success (like Mike and Mark). Most of the good advice is easily transferable. The difference I've found is that objectives are somewhat different in Government. There's no profit motive (although cost saving/avoidance is a HUGE consideration...a fact that might come as a surprise to taxpayers). Also, in my particular area of the Government, we have less flexibility in dealing with problem personnel than I'd like (yes, inefficient bureaucrats can keep their jobs).

But, overall, I've learned a great deal from the private sector that I have been able to apply successfully.


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Agree, Len. The outcomes of public services may be less 'crisp' than the private sector. For example they may involve people feeling more positive about their community, happier with their support from paid staff, or feeling better as a result of good patient care - but the way in which staff are managed is the same - targets, goals, performance specified, analysed and managed - it should be just as clear as the private sector beacuse we are dealing with public money and are accountable to the electorate, citizens, the users of our service. I have only ever worked for local government, the health sector and voluntary sector (not for profit) but everything in Manager Tools is highly relevant, and applicable in my work..

Thank you , Mark and Mike for keeping me informed, and educated. I have also started reading again (proper books, I mean!) since listening to manager tools , based on your recommended books, and I am really enjoying it.