Does anyone have a recommendation for a book on workplace psychology?

I'm looking for something that covers topics such as diversity, conflict, rumors/gossip, etc. I've pulled up quite a few books that *look* good on Amazon but I was wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations.

Thanks for any help!

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Too big a topic! Be more specific... what problem are you trying to solve?


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The topics that interest me the most are positive morale, gossip/rumors, conflict resolution/management and diversity training/unerstanding.

I'm looking for books on those subjects in particular. But if anyone knows of anything that's more generalized I'd be interested in that as well.

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[b]How to manage people: The applied psychology of handling human problems in business, by William B. Given, Jr.[/b]

This is a book written in 1963 by former CEO of American Brakeshoe Company, but I find it still relevant and helpful.

It's a thorough book about supervising others (with a really marked focus on teaching [coaching]) and dealing with human problems in the workplace.

If you want a quick deliver, you can read each chapeter's summary: a one page how-to, hands-on guide to using the concepts presented in the chapter.

Given's "How to manage people" and Drucker's "Effective Executive" are my "keep'em open" books on management.

Nice reading,


You can find several (used) at: [url]

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So sorry to respond to this a month later but I just spotted your comment now. Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I ordered a copy already.

For $4.07 it's well worth a shot. :)