Taking the manager tools podcast out of the mix what are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

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David Maister's Series casts are my next favorite. Great stuff similar to all of his excellent books.

Also, cranky middle manager from time to time as he often has great authors and guests on the show. Somewhat humorous sometimes as well...

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My list has just been weaned down to the following (some of which are better than others and some of which are not on a regualr release schedule):

Business: Manager Tools, Manager Tools Members Only, Controlling Chaos, Despair, Inc. (it's infrequent and it seems stupid at first but has a point to make if you can deal with bitter irony and sarcasm), Harvard Business Review Idea Cast, The Economist, The Project Management Podcast, The Project Management Prepcast (a brand new one).

Others: Real Time With Bill Maher, GeekBrief TV, Lost Highway Records, National Geographic Minutes, Nolo Presents The Law in Plain English, The Abbot and Costello Show Podcast (no, really), The Onion Radio News, U.S. Senator Barack Oboma's Podcast

I'm still searching for others that tickle my fancy, as it were. There have been others that have come and gone from the list.

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My passions are business and technology so most of my podcasts fall under those catagories. I've also included some comedy podcasts which I really enjoy.

Business: Businessweek - Cover Stories, LSAT Logic in Everyday Life, Manager Tools/Manager Tools Member's Cast, The Economist, This Week in Media, Wall Street Journal This Morning, Wall Street Daily Tech Briefing.

Tech: Buzz Out Loud, Cranky Geeks, DL.TV, Geekbrief, ilifezone, Plein Ecran et Plein Ecran 2.0 (French), Macbreak, Security Now, This Week in Tech, What's New Now, Windows Weekly.

Comedy: Ask a Ninja, Bonjour America, Ctrl-Alt-Chicken, Diggnation, Web Drifter, and Tiki Bar TV.

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Business/HR biased including:

Manager Tools (obviously!!!)
Business Week: Climbing the ladder, Innovation of the week and Websmart.
Career Opportunities
Controlling Chaos
Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter
Middle Management Lobotomy Podcast
Cranky Middle Manager
TPN: Productivty Show
43 Folders
Hello, my name is podcast
G'Day World

HR/Recruiting Specific
Recruiters Lounge
Working Podcast
Xtreme Recruiting
Total Picture Radio

I've got a few on testing at the moment.. and then there's my serenity/firefly obsession.. which is another 4 podcasts or so.


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[quote="jdg"]Taking the manager tools podcast out of the mix what are your favorite podcasts to listen to?[/quote]

My preferred podcasts are as follows.

Knowledge@Wharton Audio Articles
INSEAD Knowledgecast (brand new)

CNN News update
NYT front page
NPR business story of the day
RMC-MO News Journal (Arabic)

The positive Mind by Armand Dimele

RTL: Les grosses têtes (French)
Foxcast: The Simpsons

Among the the management podcasts, manager tools is by far my preferred pod.



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have just done the managing your boss pods - good stuff - now to get my staff to manage me in a postive and assertive manner is my next task!

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[b]Guys does anyone listen to any podcasts on workplace training? [/b]I'm interested in anything dealing with training needs analysis, training delivery, learning styles or training development.


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BusinessWeek - Cover Stories
Negotiating Tip of the Week (and getting started on that one but it hasn't really impressed me yet)
NPR: Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!
from the BBC: The Naked Scientists Naked Science Radio Show

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A few on my list are industry specific and my not be interesting to you...

Business Week- The Welch Way
Icon-o-cast by Lunar Design
The Creative Leader Inside the Issue
NPR- Motley Fool Profiles
Travel with Rick Steves

The following I update but don't subscribe to
Business Week- 10 Cutting Edge Designers
IDSA Podcast

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I would add The Welch Way with Jack & Suzy Welch and one that hasn't been mentioned yet called Killer Innovations 'starring' Phil McKinney (very good - on innovation and creativity and how to harness it and get more of it from your team).