I have an employee who is very rigid. When asking her to do anything new or different her first response is no. This is just the way I do it and I have to do it my way. Trying to get her to do something different is very hard. I have asked her to call clients who have overpaid, her response is that this is very hard for her to do and she will try. But since her review I have not seen or heard her try. I would like to implement some changes in the department but I feel it would be such a struggle with her that I might have to fire her. I do not want to do that. But on the other hand, I don't want to hear no everytime I try something new. Do you have any ideas how to approach her.

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Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. It's really no more complex than that.

If you haven't listened to the Feedback podcasts, do so and try that out. You'll find it here:

If you have already listened, how is it working or not working for you?


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Feedback, feedback, feedback.

No negativity in your tone, no foreboding, no worrisome facial expressions. Just a long slow steady diet of feedback, positive and negative...

"When you don't call clients who (etc etc), here's what happens: we lose their respect, and you'renot doing what you said you were going to do. How could you do this differently?"

[i]Well, but I told you it was hard.[/i]

Yes, I heard that and really do understand. And.... what could you do differently next time?

[i]But really... I'm not sure I can...[/i]

Gosh, that's not good, becaus it's part of your job. Here's a thought: why don't you try again? I want to be clear - I think it's important you do this, and I believe in you. Let me know how it goes by tomorrow.

Over and over and over again.

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I have tried this. Will try again. I find that she is very territorial about her job. I know it is from fear. I have not worked with someone this rigid before.

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Okay... but have you tried it one hundred times?

I'm not kidding here. I recently coached a manager who had an employee with tardiness problems. Nothing changed...until the employee was given DAILY feedback - every day, if she was late, she was given adjusting feedback. If she was on time, she was given positive feedback.

It works... slowly and surely.

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In the words of Yoda... "Do or do not. There is no try." :D