I finally got around to signing up here (I'll try to conribute something useful now and again instead of just lurking).

I'd like to say a big thanks to Mark and Mike for the Podcasts.

I'm what you could call a managing forester. That is, I spend half my time managing forests and the other half, managing people :)

I'm originally from British Columbia (Kamloops) and have been out here in Quebec since '88.

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Welcome Christopher! We're glad you're here, and look forward to helping you and hearing from you.


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Welcome Christopher: I'm REALLY curious about your job, the challenges that you are facing (from a management point of view).
I'd love to read something about it: I hope you'll have time to share your experience!

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A warm hello to you.

Actually, I'm currently looking for a new position, being laid off several weeks ago. The challenges that I face(d) over the past couple of decades are very similar to those in any "technical" field.

Probably the first hurdle to get over was the startling realization that 99% of the job was management and not technical. imho, MANY "middle" managers in engineering type companies are from a "technical" background/education.
It took me several years to re-think my time/priority management in order to address this new "realization".

This "technical" orientation also poses problems when getting the team on the right track. Directs are usually also "technical" people, not used to thinking about the "big picture" or the project. They are more task oriented, looking ONLY at schedules, timelines, immediate results.

Forest resource management (up here on public lands) is a rapidly changing environment. "Task" oriented people sometimes have trouble looking over the horizon, adapting, re-evaluating priorities. This may sound like the role of the management team, but in the recently downsized forest industry in Canada, corporate/Division and Local structures are very horizontal.

It took me quite a while to get team members to ALL think like managers, take responsibilities for their actions (and the merit), ... just generally to think outside of the box.

Lastly (well, not last, but this is getting too long), I had to learn to communicate, ... with my directs and my superior. At a previous employer, I implemented weekly wrap ups (to prepare the for the following week) with my Boss, then with the team. Took about 30 minutes total per week, but helped.

I hope this gives you some insight into "my world".

If you have any questions, please feel to reply, PM or E-mail.

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Thank you Christopher. Of course I'll do!