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This is my first post on the Manager Tools forums but I've been a listener for a while and am currently trying to get caught up on all of the old podcasts. Anyways, I'm a student looking to begin a career in business in the next 4 years but I have really no clue where to begin. What are the different fields that I can go into? I want to eventually end up doing something like what Mark is doing being management consulting or executive coaching but have no idea what possible career paths can get me there. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot for all the help.


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That is a fairly broad question, I would suggest that you spend time reading through the posts and listen to the podcasts. It isn't something that can be summarized quickly.

Moving into this direction usually takes years of doing a variety of jobs in a variety of functions and even companies unless you are in a larger company that offers a broad array of options. Keep your options open, always keep learning (from everyone), never think you are better than someone, and stay positive. Just some quick hit advice.

The only job around where you start at the top is a gravedigger. Stay focused on doing your current job well, don't focus too much on what your next job is going to be.


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Forget about what we do. I wanted to be a brain surgeon (and would have been a lousy one). Major league life is about learning to hit the curve ball.

Ask yourself what you love, and do that.

For now, follow the two fundamental rules of college:

1. Study Hard (we care about knowledge and grades).
2. Have Fun (work lasts for 40 years, there's plenty of time for worry and grief if you want that).

After that:

Do what you love.
Marry well (hold out for near perfection).
Raise children who are loving and kind and hard working and ethical.
Do what you love.
Become a member of a community and pitch in.
Eat, be, and stay healthy.
Save 20% of what you make. Other than that, forget about money.
Give of yourself to others.
Do what you love.

Your job just IS NOT that important if you do all this other stuff. And if you're doing something you love, the gifts you share with the world will be manifold.

[b]What's important is the service, not the method.[/b]

It's not that hard. And when you put your head on your pillow at night, rest will come easily, and everyone else will wish they were you.