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About two weeks ago I was talking to a friend whom I found out had just had his team size doubled (another manager moved on and he was left with double work)

I suggested manager tools to him and gave him a CD with a bunch of the initial podcasts on it. (not the registered user only 'casts of course!) He doesn't have an MP3 player yet but does have a car radio that plays MP3s)

His comments to me yesterday:
[quote]Just wanted to say thanks for the CD of podcasts. I have been listening to them in the car and they are very good. I have scheduled my first one-on-ones for next week, and downloaded some of the forms to use. The style of Mike and Mark is very relaxed, it is just like they are having a conversation, rather than wading through a book with the same information that would be in a "drier" style and I couldn't drive at the same time. [/quote]

Now he's asking me how to get the rest of the podcasts for himself.

Manager-Tools rocks!

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Thanks, Peter! YOU rock!

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I can't tell you how many people I have told about Manager Tools over the last month. It has to be 30-40. Putting together a CD and giving it out though is the one thing I haven't done but probably should have.

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Ditto. Telling is one thing. Making it easy for someone to get hooked is another. I'm definitely going to get some of the "key" shows together on CD.

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oops - looks like I might have started something :-) - Not that I believe for a moment you would but just make sure y'all [b]don't[/b] put the registered users only 'casts on them thar CDs ;-)

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No no, definitely not the registered user stuff. I was thinking the O3s, Performance Reviews, Resume, and Effective Meetings would be a great starting place for anyone. Any other highly suggested casts anyone would suggestion?

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[quote="cincibuckeyenut"]It has to be 30-40. Putting together a CD and giving it out though is the one thing I haven't done but probably should have.[/quote]

I absolutely agree with the idea of sharing, especially as a way of promoting the podcast. Mike/Mark, are there any limits you'd like to put on the distribution, copyright wise? Despite the public release, this is your material and your right to distribute. If there's a limit, how about authorizing 3-5 podcasts that members can copy to CD for evangelism?

I don't want to rain on any one's parade, but in our excitement, lets remember to stay respectful of the hard work these gentlemen have done.