Hi everyone,

How's everybody doing? I would like to ask if anyone has experience as a recruiter. I know you, Mark, have worked as a recruiter and maybe you have some valuable tips for me.

First, a short introduction. My name is Martijn Roozendaal. I have a bachelor degree in International Hospitality Management. I have done a management training in Bali-Indonesia and stayed working there as an operations manager in a hotel for two years. I will go back to my homecountry (the Netherlands) soon and I am looking for a job to start my career in Holland.

I have my doubt about continuing in the hospitality industry, for several reasons. I have been very interested in management/leadership for some years now and MT has been the best thing for my development since. I have management experience, not much, but I am determined to be an outstanding manager.

What I would like to ask: Doas anybody have experiences in this field. I would be thankful if I could get some tips and hear your experience.

Thanks very much in advance.

Martijn roozendaal

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Hi Martin

I work as a recruiter. I did corporate temporary recruitment, worked for an agency doing permenent and temporary recruitment for a while, and now I do corporate recruiting for permanent staff.

Edit: should have read your title!

In my experience recruiting is a really easy job to get into. Agency recruiting has a really high turnover (because it's HARD!) so there's usually spaces.

Novice recruiters get a 'desk'. That's one section of the market. I had temporary accountants upto £9.00/hour. It's your job to make that desk profitable. Your wage usually depends on it. You will have a low base salary and commision dependent on your placements. Recruiters usually work early morning till late at night, meeting candidates, meeting customers, calling customers, sending CVs, calling more customers!

The people who are good at it are competitive, driven, don't take no for an answer and have the resilience of rubber balls. I am a soft hearted, pillow minded girl and I was rubbish!!!

Be good at running a desk, and you'll get to run an office. But the pressures are the same - you have to make that office profitable.

Corporate recruiting is harder to get into, you usually need experience, and there's more competition. But it's more secure, and better for those of us who need to feel nutured! If I wanted to be a manager - I'm not sure I'd use recruiting to get there. I'd go into an operational role in a company and become a team leader - personally, I think that's more valued - recruitment (and HR) is a cost, whereas operations make money.

I hope that gives you the basics. Feel free to ask if there's more I could tell you.


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I have done short (6 months each) stints in corporate recruiting and agency recruiting. The corporate recruting role I did from a base of having been in operations and operations management for some years - I had a deep understanding of the requirements of my internal customers for their recruitment needs.

The agency stint I did was, as Wendii says, HARD WORK! The thing I did gain from that role was a fantatsic understanding of the details and content of many different roles in industry. It was a real eye opener to many new and exciting jobs I'd never realised existed let alone looked at closely!

I would suggest a limited time in an agency role if you want the opportunity to find out about different jobs. But personally (and I identify with Wendii here) I wouldn't take it on as an entry - per se - into a management role.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Wendii

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. This helps me a lot to make the right choices. I think you are right about the point you made that to start in an operations role would be better, for a career in management.

Thanks again for the advice,

Martijn Roozendaal

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You're getting good advice here. Recruiting is NOT a good way to start a career change because you'll have little knowledge of one side of the fence or the other.

Ops is the way to go for now.