Im Craig, from UK, London, I’ve recently come across manager tools, having never bogged before. In fact, I come across this Blog by mistake. So with caution I listened, and now I must compliment both Mark and Mike for the advice and value [b]“it’s like having your own virtual coach”. [/b]

At the age of 16, I started my career as Managing Director for my own company for 2 years with 11 employees. I then went on to University to study Marketing Management. I went to understand how to manage risk, markets and strategy. So far, I have consulted to pharmaceutical companies, and small businesses.

I look forward to participating in the community.

Best wishes

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Glad you made THAT mistake! Welcome to our community, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Should we call you "boy wonder"? :wink:


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Thank for your welcome:

And with regards to the “boy wonder” there are no room for superstars here, just hard work, persistence and focus to be more effective at what we do. You guest it, im a High D.

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Then you should, by all means, get back to kicking ass and taking names!