The first management book I ever bought myself, and I have often gone back to re-read whole chapters.
This book focuses on "productive projects and teams", and with chapters like "Make a Cheeseburger, Sell a cheeseburger" and "Open Kimono" there is a lot to chuckle about too.

The authors make the point that there is no fail-safe recipe for making a team 'gel' - or is that 'jel'? - but there are a hundred things you can do to ensure it doesn't. This book provides some sound reasoning behind the most frequently-found causes of this.

I would recommend this book to anyone managing teams of people. Particularly those in the IT world.

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I also can recommend it. I have just finished it, having gotten a reco from Seth Godin's blog. It is quite good (though probably over done on the physical space bit.

These guys get it!

Good catch!


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Great book.

AND, from Demarco, I'd also reccomend Slack! Another beautiful book.


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Never connected the two! Wow... based on Peopleware, I'll get Slack now.