Hello, all. Just finished a somewhat quick run through the old board posts and I was tremendously impressed. Too much stuff to catch up on all at once so I will have to run through the forum historical stuff again at a later date, but I'll keep up from here at least.

I wanted to do a quick introduction, just so that you knew a little bit about where I was coming from and what skews my perspectives when I post.

My name is Michael Fulton. I am a Systems Manager in IT at Procter & Gamble. I do primarily User Adoption and Project Management right now and my directs are all contracters. I also am on a separate team that is trying to improve IT Leadership at P&G, primarily through 2 hour interactive training sessions once a month right now, and as part of that team, I am currently leading the charge to develop our first annual P&G IT Leadership Bootcamp. Influenced by MT, I am trying to focus that Bootcamp on actionable items and doing, rather than on theory.

I have been with P&G 10 years now, and have an MBA from Bowling Green State University and BSBA from The Ohio State University. 3 kids and a loving wife keep me busy around the house.

I have been listening to MT for the last 3-4 months while I work out. I have found the podcasts to be incredibly interesting and spot on. I have tried to put some of the learnings in place already, but realize I have a long way to go. I think I have all but one or two of the normal casts complete at this point and am starting in on the members only ones.

I look forward to the discussions here. I hope I can contribute something of value to this community of likeminded individuals.

PS. Thanks Mike and Mark for MT. You hear it over and over again, but this is just some fabulous stuff you guys are putting out. I appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into it.

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Thanks for the great introduction ... frankly, it would be great if we heard more like this from others on the forum. Makes it just a bit better of a connection.

Welcome ... and thanks for joining us here!


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Hey Mike,

Saw this post on a search alert I had and wanted to drop in and say hi! Glad you are getting out here for IDS and gathering the latest and the greatest ideas for us! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Leadership Bootcamp.

Talk to you later,
Charles Hill-CK

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Welcome, fellow Proctoid. Thank you for the generous introduction. I'd like to encourage everyone to share more of this information. Mike and I (okay, just Mike) are working on some tools to make helping each other more effective and efficient, and it's this kind of information that's priceless in that regard.

Glad you're getting so much out of our work. WE look forward to YOUR contributions as well.

And we admit it - we can't hear thanks "over and over again" too much. It's 1230 am, and my hourly rate is asymptotically approaching zero. ;-)

It's a privilege to serve you.