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Here is a recommended book -

Derek Rowntree - The Manager's Book of Checklists: Everything You Need to Know, When You Need to Know It (2005), 3rd edition, Pearson Prentice Hall Business, ISBN: 0273707019

The title is self-explanatory. This is 280 page book of commentary and lists which covers Managing your job, Managing operations, Managing finance, Managing people, Managing information, Managing your career.

It has a quote from Charles Handy on the back cover: "Had I not seen it and read it, I would not have believed it was possible to reduce all those fine-sounding theories to such straightforward lists - you are a genius, even if you are doing me out of a job."

I am not sure if it is available in US - I bought mine from Amazon UK.


P.S. I really enjoyed the DISC conversations on the Members Podcast. Clearly my liking of book of checklists confirms that I am a cautious 'C' type, always needing to check out that I have not missed something before taking any major action!


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The reviews look good (including yours), so order placed.


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My copy came in today, and on first glance - I am impressed. I plan to go through it over the next few weeks (a few books ahead of it in the queue), and hopefully it will continue to live up to expectations.

Thanks again for the recommendation.