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Although I work in IT services for some time, this book gave me much more insight into what is really important in this business. I wish more of things described there were used in my current company.

It also explains a lot of reasons for cultural differences between different service firms, and why some mergers generate lots of tension - I did experience that myself.

Most important message for me was: at some point, I just won't make difference doing perfect technical work. Leverage and customer service make it, technical quality is perceived as "paid for", no matter how exceptional.


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David Maister is THE Authority on professional service firms, and all of his books in this genre are exceptional. I use them as helpful tools in my work once a week.


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Mark and Filip,

Thank you both for the kind words. I'm glad my work has been helpful to you.

I've recently relaunched my website and made a raft of materials available there for free. If you found my books useful, you may also enjoy my articles - [url][/url] - (which are also available by email newsletter [url][/url]), my blog - [url][/url] - and my free podcast series - [url][/url].


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Thrilled to have you post. I meant what I said - your books have helped me immensely over the years in my consutling practice, and in working with large consulting firms as clients.

I look forward to future posts.

It's a privilege to serve you,


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Thanks for posting David, your website is yet another excellent source of material! I look forward to listening to your podcasts and reading your articles. Your book, "Managing the Professional Service Firm" is sitting on my desk and next in line to read. I just finished Drucker's "Effective Executive" and am part way through Winning them Over.

I didn't see any forum on your site, but I hope you and M&M here wouldn't mind if they are discussed here as well potentially.

Looking forward to learning from your resources, thanks again as well!

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I've just discovered David Maister myself. I'm working my way through his books now and really like what I'm reading.

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I just ordered from Amazon, and am excited for my copy to arrive.  The website also had me thinking about my business in new and exciting ways.

Thanks for the tip.  Not a day goes by when I don't learn something new at MT.