I just finished "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. Great Marketing book (thanks for the recommendation!).

There was an [url=]interview[/url] he had with Guy Kawasaki, and while the whole interview was interesting, there was a quick discussion about the use of reciprocity in management:

"...think of the advantages to a manager of understanding the rule of reciprocation in the achievement of those goals. Because people give back what they've received, it means that you can increase the level of whatever you want from your coworkers and employees by giving it first. If you want more information, you provide it to them. If you want to create a feeling of trust, you offer it first. If you want to foster a cooperative attitude, you show it first. By acting first, you get to set the tone for the type of workplace relationships you want. "

I had always focused on the book for marketing usage only...this puts it in a new light!


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npatrick, while I haven't read "Influence" I do tend to agree with that rule. I think where some people argue it is looking at a short term timeframe instead of a more meaningful and lengthly time span where the rule has some time to play out. I don't think you could even consider that rule to work on a potential client one after another, but I do believe it will work across a year or clients and especially a career of clients.

For those that are interested, this law (and 20 others) are in a great book by John Maxwell, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership".

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