Great podcast!!!

But what happen if I DO want to contact recruiters??

Suppouse I've got a name and an email or phone number: how do you suggest to manage the first contact??


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Sorry this took a bit!

First off, we have a podcast queued about this, so we'll come back to it in more detail.

But for now:

Call them. Tell them,

"My name is .... I was given your name and number by ..., who speaks highly of you. While I'm not soliciting immediate help, I'd like to develop a relationship with you over time. I know that having a good relationship with a recruiter whom I can trust will be beneficial to me. There may come a time when I want to make a move, or hire from you, or help you with a search. What's the best way for us to start?"

Now, for all their desire to have managers return calls right away, many recruiters aren't as good in return. If you get voicemail, the above will work great... and you'll need to wait and see when you get a response. (Your referring friend's name is important for this.)

Don't offer to send a resume initially. If they ask for one, based on the referral you've gotten, I would say it's okay to send it, but I would also tell them you're not authorizing them to share it with anyone, search or not. You see this copy as a way for them to know you, versus becoming part of a search you're not aware of. They may not love this, but it's reasonable.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I've answered your question fully enough.