This cast describes a simple verbal tool for addressing tension, conflict or other ineffective emotions in the workplace.

Mark has finally gotten around to writing this cast down! Every time Mark teaches this technique to an executive or manager, he turns to Mike and says, "we gotta make this a cast." And then he doesn't. When you see this work the first time, you'll be surprised. In almost any situation, you'll see a noticeable lessening of the tension. You'll probably also feel better at moving forward PAST the frustration or difficulties that are being discussed. When you use this with your directs, it often helps begin the process of solution finding.

And to our good friend Rich Ruh, who told Mark this past week at our San Antonio conference that after reading Peter Drucker he was more comfortable around Mark because he realized all these great ideas weren't Mark's alone . . . Mark didn't make this one up either. ;-)

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I overcome objections to my ideas?
  • How do I deal with conflict?
  • How do I empathise with others?

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