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I just listened to "Your Own Training Budget" and wanted to share some advice that I've followed.

  • Industry groups sometimes offer free trainings throughout the year for members. I'm a member of an Information Security group and there are many traning opportunities throughout the year included in the membership cost (~$150 / year). Often students will be offered steep discounts on group membership.
  • Volunteer to speak at an event. I attended a full day conference for free because I spoke at one of the sessions. Often there are panelist spots open that offer the same benefit without as much additional work to prepare your presentation. (Doing a presentation is a great way to network as well.)
  • Voulteer to run the registration table or set-up for a free or reduced cost of attending the training.
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Thanks, gehrhorn!  All great ideas!

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Just reccoemended the second point to my director. We now are getting some registered nurses on our team to present at a conference so they can attend for free.

Thank you so much.