We are using your podcasts as discussion topics in our manager meetings, we have recenly listened to the one about receiving feedback. While our managers learn how to receive it, how do we get our direct reports to learn how to receive it? Is it a 03 topic?

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Keep it positive at first (see the Rolling out the Trinity podcasts) and treat it as no big deal.

Not sure what you mean exactly: "how to receive it." They say "yes" when you ask, and then they come up with what they will do differently. What part of this isn't working for you?


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If you do 60 days of positive feedback, they aren't going to need to receive it other than to glow. If you give negative feedback, they tell you what they are going to do differently. If they do not, you branch off into "resistance" and have two options:

* Shot across the bow -> "OK. OK. My mistake. How silly of me."

* Drill down -> "OK, that's nice, but what are you going to do differently next time?"

Don't worry about how they receive it. Handle each reception separately.

-Rob Redmond