Great suggestions, but my company uses Lotus Notes. My supervisor (who uses me as an admin, even though I'm not) has my access set to "Full" but he can't tell what I've read or not read, I'm not allowed to delete or move anything, and if I answer on his behalf, it goes into my sent box, not his, so he doesn't realize that I answered it, even if I copy him.

Is this a Lotus Notes thing or has the IT department customized it to disfunction?

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Unfortunatly that is how Lotus Notes works. If he truelly wants you to handle his mail for him he should trust you enough to let you make clear what you've handled (eg moving things to a specific folder. Other then that Lotus won't allow you to do it so that he can see what you've done for him

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Thanks for the answer. Just one more reason to not like lotus notes.

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I've got an admin starting in a couple of weeks, so I went back and listened to the podcast about admins and email. I want to implement this system, but and unsure about how to do so technically. I have a couple of questions:

1. Does the email get sent to the admin [i]first[/i], then get forwarded to me by the admin, or do we both get it at the same time?

2. If we both get it at the same time, how do I know what has been handled by my admin and what I need to handle myself?