Hey guys,

One of the first things that my boss (President of our company and a high "D") said to me when I took over as IT Manager was specifically about one of my employees (high S). Now that I listened to both of those members only casts I can see where he is coming from and have sufficient information to defend the "S" based on performance and talk in "D" language. You may have just saved the "S"'s job. Thanks!


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Your post is the kind of thing that makes this work SO worthwhile. You're USING this stuff, in a tangible way, to make a difference. It seems simple in hindsight now... but before, what you faced was a classic problem that spun into an incident and angry recriminations that ended up being decided on the basis of power and fear. Communication became a weapon rather than a tool.

Glad it helped; it's a privilege to serve you.