Looking for a podcast or forum posts which discuss "writing a bio."  I've searched and can't find anything but bios of MT members.

What I have written is *okay*, but of course, I'm shooting for *spectacular*!   Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Allie

There are all sorts of bios one can write.  For press releases, executive search, a book insert, corporate bio.  What are you looking to achieve?




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I've been asked to judge a beauty pageant.  (Which will print the bios of the judges in their program.)  I struggled with it a bit, as it isn't directly  related to business. I was hoping to find a podcast or  thread containing a discussion on bios in general.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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i would go to the Ted website and look at a couple of their 30 second elevator pitch videos, which are basically bios.  I also think you can just go to a couple of the corporate websites and scan the bios of their executives.  I recall IBMs exec bios were pretty good but have not checked them in a while.

Use the basics of How to Write a Covering Letter.  3-4 paragraphs max.  No more than 4-5 sentences each.  No sentence should be more than 12-14 words. And write in active language, not passive.  EG, "I would like to thank you" infers that this is something you are thinking about and would like to do at some point, but you are not actually thanking the person versus "Thank you" is in the moment and thanking the person.

Hope this is helpful