Just found this site...not sure how I messed it! I am so impressed!

I'm excited to be here and love the podcasts- it feels like I'm getting a little one on one every day. Looking forward to adding some value to the posting boards...couldn't be more pleased :)

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My apologies! Somehow I missed your post while I was in client travel misery so many weeks ago.

Glad you're here. Surely you recognize much of this work from our work together there.

Stick around - more great stuff coming. Send me a mail when you get a second.


[email protected]

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Out here in the antipodes (Australia), I found MT by accident on the 4 June 2007.

Three years ago I was promoted to General Manager from a Technical Project Manager position, I worked my butt off trying to get the job done 'cause I knew the product line. Unfortunately, only I knew the right way to fix it and didn't delegate or use any of the knowledge that can be found here - no-one prepared for the jump/change in role and responsibility.

After 8 months in the job, I couldn't deal with the hours, stress and disruption the above caused so baled on the role. If I had known of MT or similar, I am positive that I would not have baled and no doubt would have been promoted since.

Thanks guys, love the casts, and am playing catch up....



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Welcome aboard sir. Have no worries about bailing. Every great GM I know has been fired or resigned from the job once before really making a difference.

It's a privilege to serve you,


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To Mike & Mark.......UNBELIEVABLE, thank you, thank you, thank you......

To Stephen, ditto on all accounts!



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You're welcome! Glad you're here.


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Now I know what the top shelf in managerial behavior looks like, it's a challenge to always reach that far!

Thank you Michael and Mark for your contribution to the field. You are impacting things at my office every day. I have several peers hooked on MT instead of their crackberries.

You are always a part of my morning commute. Just for the record, it is longer than twenty-two minutes so [b]I like the long podcasts the best[/b].

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Cool! Sometimes it's hard to get "how to write a review" into 22 minutes.

Well, and be good at it anyway. :wink:


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Mike & Mark,

Finally found a spot for my first post (under the Wow section). Sorry for the redundant "Great Job" post but you guys deserve it. Saw on another forum about a book brewing and will look forward to that.

Another very thankful listener.

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My Destiny with Manager tools happened on 30th March 07, 1500 hrs IST when I did a Google search. (I dont recollect the topic search which I did). I wish I had stored it. What zapped me was the list of topics on podcast. First topic in top,caught my eye was how to write a thank you note. (March 26 that was the topic covered). [b]Some events are etched in you memory for life, MT discovery is one of them.[/b]

Then there was no looking back as they say and life changed.


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Funny you say that, Karthik. I found MT because I needed a meeting agenda. As an odd turn of events - Johnny and I had a meeting to lead. We decided to use the Manager Tools format once I found it. I couldn't count the number of people I've suggested the tools to.

Last night, Johnny sent me a message. He ended up (almost a year later) being able to help someone...they needed a meeting agenda format. So he sent them to Manager Tools, and made a few other recommendataions on some things they might want to listen to.

What comes around goes around.