Hello all. Name is Joe, currently a manager of a retail Drug store in Pennsylvania. Have been listening to Mike & Mark's podcast for about a month now. As everybody has said, here on the forum, great stuff, must agree with everybody. Was quite impressed with p'cast of One on Ones. Decided to use in my work place. Though you all speak of "Direct Reports", I have only two, but have decided to have these intense meetings with all associates of mine (about 10). Working great so far after one day, can't wait 'till my next meeting with more. (Can't believe how easy to implement and the joy and reception I have recieved from the associates), just doing them. Have conveyed to them, it is about them, not me or our company, and it is going super so far. :D

Will try to report back to all, should I incounter any problems and/or any cool stuff.
Thanks, and glad to be here! :D :D

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Welcome Joe! I spent some time in retail many years ago and although I had fond memories of the times, there were never one-on-ones. I am still utterly amazed at how many retail managers I know that think one-on-ones are for "office types". Kudos to you for starting them in your store; your employees, and customers, will be happier for it I'm sure.

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G'Day Joe and welcome!

Great to hear you're actually implementing some things from Manager-Tools. So many people read, hear and learn about these sorts of things and are none the better off because they don't [b]implement[/b]!

Looking forward to hearing more...

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Welcome Joe! Glad we're helping you become more effective.

It's a privilege to serve you.


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Thank you all for the kind responses. This forum and the podcasts are beyond terrific. :D