I am a 49 year old recent college graduate. I have been a secretary for as long as I can remember. About 10 years ago I was seeing all the college graduates working in professional positions and new I was as smart as each one of them. Unfortunately having graduated in 1978 I honestly needed to start over. I attended college for years beginning with remedial courses, my grades began with D's, C's and sometimes several repeats. I have honestly attended college for the past 10 years starting as a part time student and since 2006 working full time and attending college full time! I have been an honor student for the last several semesters. I graduated in December 09 with Cum Laude Honors! My greatest accomplishment.

I have been studying interview questions for the past year, writing down questions and trying to answer. I have everything on my smart stick, I have my resume in hand and am waiting for someone to call me for interviews as I have been sending out my resume.

For Christmas I received an Ipod Touch and was focusing on podcasts that could help me with the interview process. Luckily I found the Manager Tools Podcasts and I am hooked.

I am thrilled to see there is a message board. Hopefully soon I can purchase the Interview Process CD's I am seeing mention of on the boards.

I look forward to learning so much on here! Thank you all for the opportunity.

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Welcome, and kudos for investing so much in your career.  

The forums here are a great place for bouncing around ideas on careers and management.  Hope to see you join the conversations... 

John Hack

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Thank you John, I can honestly say I am hooked.

* Reread my post and apologize for the wording errors. I hate when that happens.

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Welcome Successs09,

The forums are a great place to discuss employment and career concerns. Welcome!

You will discover, also, that you can edit your posts when signed into this site.