I hear the US is pretty difficult to get a working visa, I'd be interested to hear from people that have been lucky enough to get into the US? Or any knowledge of the 'sponsorship' process.

Both my partner and I are wanting to travel from AU to US in late 2007 for 1-2years. I figure a lot of listners are from the US, or perhaps have travelled to the US?
He is a Snr Unix Sys Admin and I'm a Project Team Leader (aspiring PM)

Is it possible to get sponsorship lined up whilst still in AU?
Are there any significant roadblocks I should know about?
Is it true that the company has to pay for you to come over? (I'd pay my own way in and out of the country)
Are there many companies that would do this for 'outsiders', meaning hired freshly not existing employees?

Im sure there is a website that has some of this info somewhere- however the MT community probably has more real-life answers.

Sydney, Australia

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Hi Aimee

Australian nationals can take advantage of an E-3 visa category to temporarily work in the US under speciality occupations (max 2yrs).

Yes, you would need a job offer and the employer has to "sponsor" it the sense they have to file a Labor Certification Application with Department of Labor

more info on the Canberra embassy website: