That was a great podcast. I've seen the improper actions in my experiences. I've usually made and effort to reach out. A little while ago, I even got other interns to do side items for me, who weren't a part of my group. All it took was doing that which was discussed in this podcast as forward payment. I wasn't concerned how they were going to charge their time, fit it in their schedule, and little on timeline. It's always worked with the guidance in the podcast. Just remember to pay it forward! However, there was one thing missing about building a relationship with an intern. TRUE STORY! I had one assigned to me and I acted as suggested. I encouraged him to go for a better opportunity. It worked out best for him. Then, the work dried up at my home base, and things got ugly. It was that intern I mentored, AND created a relationship with, that paved the way to showcase me to my current job. I also got a 20% raise to boot. YOU NEVER KNOW!