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BLUF - I have just got a new temporary secondment in my orginisation where I will be working from home. Are there any tips out there on how to be most effective with home as my base?

I am a veterinary surgeon in a large charity in the UK. For the last 3 years I have been managing my hospital (22staff, 5DR's). I have found it very challenging and rewarding. I have found I really enjoy management.

I recently applied for a Temporary Project Management Position within my company and got the job! I used the MT interview series. My wife had our second child 1 week before the interview, so when I was interviewed I was really tired. I was not happy with how the interview went but I still got the offer - possibly because I "closed"?!?!?

In my new position I will be based at home. I will also, for the first time in my life, not be doing any clinical work. This is going to be a massive change, along with not working in a busy hospital/team environment.

I would really appreciate any tips and recommendations on how to make working from home as effective as possible.

I would also love it if there were any people out there who would offer more specific advice to the project I will be involved in - I only have very limited information on that just now so probably more forum streams to follow :]




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There are a number of interesting ideas (from management issues to phone issues) in these threads:

Good luck!

John Hack