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I'm curious if anyone else, after taking the DISC profile, found that they were working in a field that is the complete opposite of what their DISC profile indicates they would naturally be good at? If so, what has been your experience working in that role? Did you make any changes that were helpful?

I took my DISC profile earlier this week and it turns out I am a very high "I" (3-7-4-2). I have worked for the last 12 years as an integrated circuit design engineer. I have a bachelors degree in both mathematics and electrical engineering, and a masters degree in electrical engineering. It is a very analytic job that requires patience and attention to detail - a very high "C" type of job. I've been very successful in this role, but I've never been the classic "stare at your shoes" engineer. After my "ah ha" moment with the DISC profile I'm starting to see why I approach my work the way I do: I drag my team into way more meetings than they want, I tend to overcome my lack of detail in my technical work with strong collaboration (I always know the right person to ask a question), and when someone needs to talk to the customer I'm always the first (and only) one to volunteer. Interestingly, over the years I've had very few conflicts with "C" type co-workers. When I have had conflict it has been with strong "D" type co-workers.

Working through the various podcasts on DISC profiles have been helpful in building a strategy for how to improve my communication with my team. But I'm curious if anyone else has run into this and what strategies they used to prevent their natural tendencies from impeding effective communication.