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Hi y'all...

The Headline is of course tongue-in-cheek... but has anyone else made the experience that the more you spend time listening to MT and following their advice, the more you see bad management all around you? For me, it is becoming borderline frustrating. How you you cope with this?

I have many examples. Some amusing, some sad. Like this recent O3 conversation with my manager via teams. I let you decide if it falls into the amusing or sad category:

Me: your camera seems not working.

Manager: oh let me turn it on, forgot. (Turns on the camera)

Me: Whatcha doing? Cooking lunch?

Manager: yeah... the time during or O3 is the best time for me to cook lunch. All other meetings I have today are too important and I would get too distracted

Me: ahh I see. Nice! Very clever. As they say: it is all about priorities...what's for lunch?

Manager: Spagetti with meat sauce. 

Me: that sounds nice. Should we get going with our O3? So the pasta will not overcook.

Manager: Yes, good idea... why don't you start... I have nothing prepared...


And while I talk... the pasta boils over.....

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Resist the urge to coach up or give feedback. It is more likely to blow up in your face than not.

I had the same experience when I found MT over a dozen years ago and for the first time since then I have a good boss who knows what she's doing and is brilliant in many ways.

Each boss has things they're good at, focus on and learn from that. Look to where you can make them better by performing in that area and adding value there. None of us are perfect, we all have things to do better. Try not to judge people for not being perfect, I know I would never pass that measurement even when judging myself.


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I feel you, there's almost layers to it.

Level 1: You become confident with the trinity and start realizing feedback isn't in most managers vocabulary.
Level 2: You get deeper into MT and start dreaming about meetings without agendas that end with no action items or dare I say deliverables.
Level 3: You discover DISC and start to recognize why various managers have huge relationship problems
Level 4: You start getting into the MT reading lists, discover what execution really is and cry into an adult beverage of your choice
Level 5: You've listened to every podcast, read all the shownotes twice and covered every forum post. The tattoo of Mikes face on your bicep starts to talk to you... "MIGHT BE TIME TO BRUSH UP ON THAT LINKED IN PROFILE TED, THERE'S A POD FOR THAT"