It is not what we say or has been there in some posts or internet comes from history and experience of “leveraging Change”. Harvard, Forbes and a lot more have been believing and still value “Culture First”. However, let us make it more transparent-we are not talking about the dress codes, work from home, 8-hour job, friendly atmosphere and that sort of culture because most of it is already there and being followed or exercised well in most of the organizations globally.

We mentioned a very powerful word above: - “Change”. If we are willing to change, we can change everything. In a similar context, we are pointing about that change while being more focused on bringing and maturing a unique Culture-Based Performance Inclusivity which is driven by Emotional Intelligence and powered by emotions that drive performance.

Why Emotional Intelligence? Let us park this question and take the conventional route. When we talk about performance in general, what do we measure? Cognition, Awareness, Decision Making, and a lot more other traits. Most of us still focus on IQ in the first place. However, we are not aware that these traits are the source of our emotions that help drive our IQ and this all combined builds that force within us that up scales and levels up the key performance indicators.

Our decades of research and data point out that more Emotional intelligence we bring in, more focused we are towards EQ rather than IQ and the more we try to drive and upgrade the cultural maturity level of an organization, we are sure this will overhaul the entire performance metric and eventually bring in that change we are aiming for.