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Who is the internal customer group of the quality department?
For annual performance reviews I always like to make explicit who the customer is for internal customer relationships. The quality department only recently came under my responsibility and I am not sure who to define is their internal customer. On some level it could be everyone or anyone, but that's not very helpful. Is it project managers? Engineering? Operations? Taxpayers/ratepayers?
(I'm a civil engineer working for a government agency. Not sure that is relevant, but maybe it is. I think most quality departments have similar internal roles.)
Under customer service (on an annual performance review) who should I say the customer is for folks that work in the quality department?

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There are several possibilities that I can think of, and probably several more that I can't.

  • The Sales department - quality drives customer satisfaction which leads to repeat business
  • Engineering - high quality reduces waste and rework and improves efficiency
  • Executives - high quality reduces waste and rework and improves profitiability
  • Project Managers - because their deliverables are project deliverables

It depends somewhat on what role they play in the overall business process, where they are focused, and who they are answerable to.

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That's a good place to start in defining the internal customer. Without knowing the details I would guess Operations and Engineering are the most likely internal customers.