My team consists of  21 front line employees and 5 team leads.  The team leads do not do the same work as the employees.  They do quality analysis, workload distribution, and other "supervisory" functions.  They do not do any discipline, make hire/fire decisions or conduct performance appraisals/compensation adjustments (although they provide valuable input and are a part of the performance appraisal discussion).

I am trying to determine what my O3 role with the employees should be.  The team leads have begun having weekly O3s with their team.  I have weekly O3s with the team leads.  I don't consider the employees my "skips", but don't want to undermine the employee / team lead relationship by conducting weekly O3s with the employees.

One of my thoughts was Monthly O3s with the employees run more like an individual skip level?


Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

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I've taken a similar approach with my team (12 individual contributors, 2 team leads).  It seems to work pretty well as I've been doing it this way for over a year.  I will be interested to see how others approach this type of situation.