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I need some coaching help with my current situation. I have been in my current job for the last 5 years and my company the last 10. I am on top of my technical career and there is no further promotion possible within my organization. So, two years ago I decided to get my MBA so I could easily move to a management path and have better prospects in my career. Now, I am almost finished with my MBA and just had a very good interview for a management position. I have already talked to my current supervisor that I am planning to move on and get into a different career path. But here is the problem. He doesn’t want me to leave. When I told him about my interview his first question was, what about my project, you need to finish it before leaving. I told him that, the project would take another 6 months. I can help transition the project to somebody else. I can work with you to finish it while I am taking the new responsibility of the new job, but he is resisting and giving me the cold shoulder. So, What do you think I should do? I have tried all the possibilities to ensure him that I won’t leave him high and dry. I even found a replacement for my self for that project, but he didn’t like the idea. Please let me know what can I do. Should I go to HR, or even leave the company that I have worked 10 years with?


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Seem to me that you have done more then enough.

Ultimitely, it's the managers job to be prepared for adversity such as losing people and still finishing projects on time.

You have your life and goals to live, and you've told your manager you plan on leaving.

Staying will be strange and the relationship will always be strained.

Leaving will allow you to begin a new chapter that you've been working towards for the last few years.




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I totally agree. the problem is that, he can actually block me from leaving and that is my biggest concern.I need to find out how to handle such a situation.

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I hope by now you realize telling your boss about your desire to leave wasn't an effective approach.

How exactly, can your boss interfere with your plans?  Was your interview for another position in the same company?