Has anybody here been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? If so, which podcasts have you listened to that you found most helpful? Is there any order of topics that you found to be particularly effective? With hundreds of 'casts, I literally have no idea where to start (except by random which is what I've been doing...).


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I would start with Manager-Tools basic.  There is another link for them on the site.

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This one may also fit your need.

Manage an Arrogant Producer

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Thanks for sharing but in these podcasts there's still missing. I can't really pinpoint what that is. I'd like to find something that deals with personality disorder such as ADHD or ADD rather than arrogance.



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And neither is ADHD/ADD. You need to deal with the behaviors. Being late to meetings . Not completing projects on time. Etc. Deal with bad behaviors using the basics. O3S, feedback, and coaching.