I remember a very logical discussion regarding the design of business cards. Items such as layout, scanability, and content were covered. But, I cannot find this podcast. Does anyone remember which podcast this was? Thank you for your help.

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Training Badge

Look at that subtle off-white coloring... The tasteful thickness of it.  My God, it even has a watermark.

Couldn't help myself!

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This was discussed at length in the forums a while back:

John Hack

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Once you've finished listening to Mike and Mark give some good advice, waste 2:10 and check out Joel Bauer "talking" about business card design. (Unfortunately the guy is a publicity whore and I've just helped him in his quest for notoriety.)

Rick Measham

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They definitely are getting more and more creative as technology increases, as an example check out these plastic business cards.  I didn't even know that people had plastic business cards.  Then I started googling the words "business cards" and I found even more unique and creative examples.  It's really amazing how far we have come from your standard paper/cardboard business cards.

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Love it. It's been a while, thank you for the reminder! 

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 Not come accross plastic business cards and, frankly, if someone handed me one I'd probably remember them but not in a positive way.  Business cards are not really a durable item.  Someone hands you one, you put it in your pocket then later scan or copy it into your address book (if you want to keep the details) and file it away.  What use is a wipe clean business card?  One major downside I can think of for a plastic business card is that it would likely be more difficult to write on.  Sometimes when I hand over my business card I need to either write alternate contact details on the back (either my personal phone number or, if I'm away from home and staying in a hotel , my phone number for the next few days) and when someone gives me their card I might later jot a note on the back giving the context (e.g. "At BA conference") or a reminder (e.g. "Call Tuesday about project ABC").

 As for the second question in the OP subject line.  My business card has the company logo, my name, my job title, "PRINCE2 Practitioner", my work mobile number, my work email address, the URL of my LinkedIn profile and  the URL of the company website.  All but one of these elements is mandated by company policy, the other (LinkedIn profile) is not mandated but is allowed.



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