Which behavior adjustment do I use in this case? Feedback or 'a shot across the bow'.

I recently started a new job and one of my reports has a tendency to go around me to my boss. I thought it was because he didn't get the job but my boss tells me this guy went around his last boss too.

We have an open door policy so technically he can walk into the bosses office anytime. My boss has asked me to rein the guy in without causing trouble. Everybody here has been with the comapny 15+ years and every body gets along.

Thought of feedback as the first step but I'm having trouble putting the action into words. (Not usually a problem for me.) I don't mind conflict but it is clear that I'm to play nice and the guy will probably get upset at the change in reporting.

Any suggestions?

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A shot across the bow is feedback. :)

I would probably do this initially in an O3 rather than as feedback, it might be a conversation.

Then, as feedback, I would try something like:

"John, can I give you some feedback? When you regularly exercise Tom's open door policy you're putting things on his plate that are below his pay grade. What do you think you can do differently?"

"John, can I give you some feedback?" When you go directly to Tom with things that are my responsibility it makes Tom have to tell me. That's not very efficient. What do you think you could do differently?"

Just a couple of thoughts. :)